Unstoppable Confidence

Unstoppable Confidence by Ross Jeffries
Publisher: Ross Jeffries 2006 | ISBN n/a | Language English | Audio CD in MP3 | 11 mb

Forget the application or potential results market of these techniques and product. Although if you're wanting to be an NLPer/Hypnotherapist full time. You'll eventually have to find your own niche to apply your trade.

Everyone is not your market. NLP and Hypnosis aren't market areas. They are topics or areas of interest. Who do you want to help with your tools? That is your market.

The unstoppable confidence tapes are very short collection of audios. Each audio is a little piece of fluff and an exercise.They are pretty old in terms of quality. They came out when cassettes were still the norm.

The techniques that are presented are what you might know as basic NLP techniques. Yet, there in lie there simplicity. I first heard the tape set some 4/5 years, certainly one technique with pretty spectacular and with very public results.

I recently discovered them again as I cleaned up my backup hard drive. I gave them another whirl.

The first 'technique' is a collection of affirmations - all pretty simple. You just read them over the next week or so and combine them with the other exercises and notice the results.

The 2nd exercise is building a 40ft tall, powerful and confident you. With so many people suffering from low self-esteem, this type of exercise should be taught in schools. Each time I hear a technique like this, my 40ft me, becomes even more powerful, creative, down right strong and all it takes is a few seconds. As a side note Richard Bandler, does a great one with black panther! This 40ft tall confident you is used through out all the other exercises.

Exercise 3, is building a 'film strip' or movie of how you want things to go. This is a take on a new behaviour generator. This, like all the techniqes presented could be applied to any field or endevour in your life.

Basically you are imaging a time when you want success. You build together several still slides of an event. You'll associate to several (step into the slide and see things through your own eyes).

This one for me the last time I was using it consistently was really, really powerful. With your film strip, you fill in enough details on the map so you know where you are going, yet you don't fill out everything. That way you have room and flexibility in your behaviour and responses as events unfold. There are always many different routes that can get you to your final destination.

Whenever anybody new comes into our group, after a few cheeky beverages, some of the older lads love regailing this story about me, one snakebit black fueled night a few years ago.

What they all don't know is that it all happened because of my film strip at the time. I programmed it all to happen. In fact it was even better than my film strip that I had imagined!

Thanks unconscious mind.

Exericse 4. This is all about using the fast phobia cure for replaying times when things didn't go your way. You'll also discover your time line direction too and build a successful past so that your future naturally becomes a lot brighter.

The end is Ross, telling you what to do when you're stuck in given situations. He gives a good use for the swish pattern. Then some internal voice exercises. Then there is a bonus manifestation track and guided imagery track.

Whilst you may not like the fact that these are positioned to help men, seduce women.

Women also have a choice in these things. The techniques and simple explanations are still powerful. Try it, you might like it and surprise yourself in many areas of your life with the results.
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